Some days you just don't have the time to give your pup the attention he needs and deserves.  For those days, there is Fur-Mum Doggy Day Care.  We take all the stress out of the situation by offering door-to-door service.  We will pick your dog up from your home in the morning, take him back to the acreage for a full day of fun and play, then drop him back home in the afternoon.  After the initial meeting, you don't even need to be there when we come.  You will come home to a happy, exhausted pup and you can spend your evening relaxing with a cuddle rather than dragging yourself out to the dog park. 

Large group of dogs play with Fur-Mum at Daycare

Our dog daycare specializes in small to medium sized dogs.  Large or boisterous dogs don't always play well with the little ones, so they will be referred to one of the other excellent doggy daycare services in Townsville.  This ensures the smaller dogs are comfortable to run around and wrestle in comfort with their peers.  

Doggy Day Care offers a range of benefits to your dog and you. For your dog these include exercise, stimulation, confidence building, socialization, and can even help to alleviate separation anxiety. For you, it can ease the guilt of working long-hours and the stress over leaving your dog alone, as well as ensuring you don’t come home to a trashed house or noise complaints from your neighbours.

Dog psychologists recommend that adult dogs are not left alone for more than 4 hours at a time, but that number is limited to 2 hours for puppies under 6 months and preferably less than an hour for puppies under 14 weeks. Puppy Day Care is great tool to help you in your puppies critical learning periods in the first few months of life. The lessons they learn during this period will stay with them for the rest of their lives and will go a long way to minimize the likelihood of behavioural problems later in life.

Doggy Daycare runs Monday-Friday every week (except over the Christmas holiday).  Spaces are limited to 12 dogs per day, so book in while there are spaces available. 

To get the most out of daycare, it is recommended that your dog attend at least once a week and on the same day each week. That way they get to know their pack well, make best friends and build confidence.