a cats life

Rather than a cattery, our cat boarding service is home-based. There are several dedicated cat rooms in the Fur-Mum house for your kitty to have their own safe space.  They start off in there, with visits and cuddles from Fur-Mum until they feel comfortable in the home and start to show signs of wanting to venture out.  Each room is maintained at a comfortable temperature year round. They may then be slowly introduced to the other animals in the house at a pace that suits each individual cat, always giving them a chance to go back into their safe room at any time.  Cats from the same family may share a room, while individual cats will have their own space.

If your cat normally spends time outdoors and you feel comfortable with them doing so, they may spend time in the outdoor enclosure.  This completely enclosed outdoor area allows them to get down on the ground and have a roll in the dirt, climb a tree, or watch the native birds.  We regularly grow our own cat-friendly garden so the kitties are welcome to nibble on some cat grass, fresh cat nip or a range of other feline favorites.

Outdoor cat enclosure with grass and climbing trees

Cats can be fussy eaters, and if your cat is one of these special creatures, we recommend you bring along a supply of your feline’s favorite foods. Otherwise, on the menu is a mixture of premium kibble and wet food.  Special diets can be accommodated, as can any medications your fur-baby may require.  We also provide an assortment of water fountains and still water bowls, to encourage your pet to stay hydrated.

Cat sleeps in a comfortable bed at cattery