Grooming of dogs, cats and even guinea pigs can be arranged as needed, whether your pet is under care or not.  We currently work with the experienced groomers from At Your Service Pet Grooming to provide the best service for your pets, so even when we are fully booked, we can find a way to give your pet the pampering they deserve. 

We offer a full range of services: 

Dog Bath - includes hydrobath and blow dry, nail clip and ear clean. 

Tidy Groom - includes a full bath package as well as a trim around the face, feet and bum. 

Full Dog Clip - includes a full bath package as well as a full hair cut to your specifications. 

Groom and Play Package - combine any one of our grooming services with a day of daycare to save $10 off the combined price. Your pup will get picked-up in the morning for a day of play before a spa service so they come home exhausted and smelling wonderful. This is a great choice for pups who don’t love bath time as it is combined with something that they do love!

Dog grooming prices depend on the size and condition of your dog.  Please see the prices page for a general range.