Leaving your dog in someone else's hands can be scary.  It's hard to feel good about your holiday when your pup is staying in a crowded dog kennel, where they spend much of the day in a cage surrounded by strange animals and noises.

Fur-Mum Pet Care is here to offer you an alternative you can feel good about.  Your pet will stay in a home, with all the comforts that entails including snuggles on the couch, plenty of supervised yard time and sleeping in the bed privileges, all the while being supervised around the clock by a professional with over 10 years experience working with animals. 

A dogs life

At Fur-Mum Pet Care, cages are not part of the equation.  Dogs staying here have free (supervised) run of the house and 1.5 acre fenced property.   We make sure everyone gets lots of outdoor exercise so that they are too tired to get into any trouble indoors.  Boarding dogs mix with the regular doggy day care pack during the week, and get to enjoy all the day care activities.

We specialize in smaller dogs and low energy dogs. These may include larger dogs with health issues, senior dogs and anxious dogs. We do not accept large or boisterous dogs, as these two groups have very different play styles which can have disastrous consequences when they are thrown together.  This ensures a fun and relaxing experience for all the smaller and perhaps more nervous pups.  Call us if you aren't sure if your dog is eligible.  

Dogs chase Fur-Mum during sleepover

On the menu is a mixture of Eukanuba premium kibble with our fresh home-made bone broth. We occasionally offer raw bones and chicken necks under close supervision.   They get plenty of homemade treats which are made in-house from human-grade ingredients and are guaranteed preservative free.  Dogs are separated at meal time to ensure there are no squabbles over dinner.  If your dog is on a special diet or has a sensitive tummy you are welcome to send their food along with them.  

Dogs get plenty of rest, sleeping in the house wherever they like, on the lounge, on one of a million dog beds or even cuddled up in my bed. 

A happy dog has company, exercise, discipline and good food, and all four are in abundant supply at Fur-Mum's. 

Several dogs enjoy an afternoon nap on the couch